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  1. Carrickfergus 'killer clown' turns himself in
  2. Weird Dreams
  3. 10 Little-Known Mysterious Ghost Types
  4. 10 Real Book Covers From Dinosaur-On-Human Sex Novels
  5. Internet acronyms.
  6. Lethal lake natron calcifies animals into stone-like corpses
  7. 16 Year Old Can of Soup Found in EPA fridge.
  8. Of all the things to spend a hundred grand on ....
  9. Well that was pretty stupid
  10. Incredibly Bizarre Vintage Halloween Costumes
  11. Hey! If you don't like the way I drive, stay off the stairwell!
  12. Snakes on a plane? Probation.
  13. "But I'm not supposed to be getting released from prison..." "Shaddup, you!"
  14. I was healed by a ghost...and there's a photo to prove it
  15. Police: Thieves stole from home while owner was dead inside
  16. Today's not from The Onion headline
  17. Glaciers Visit Izatys Resort - Mille Lacs Lake, MN
  18. Irish 'slave' revealed as daughter of Bletchley Park code breaking hero
  19. 'Humans evolved after a female chimpanzee mated with a pig'
  20. And the Idiot Asshole of the Day Award goes to ...
  21. The women who fall in love with jailed killers
  22. Satanic Temple Monument in Okla. May Include ‘Interactive Display’ for Kids
  23. Oh boy! Get out the tinfoil!
  24. Incestuous family of 40 found sexually abusing each other in ramshackle colony
  26. Latest bizarreness: Paul Walker truthers
  27. LOL! Well, if you're going to quit, I guess make it memorable
  28. Mother-of-four scarfs down 12-pound sandwich in under an hour (and becomes the first
  29. Novelist's Ex In Bizarre Handgun Threat Arrest
  30. This Blueberry Muffin Looks Exactly Like This Chihuahua
  31. No better title than this: "Man crashes into chicken joint, chokes chicken"
  32. Woman drives into Kroger (twice), hits register (on purpose)
  33. Human Barbie 'stops eating and drinking' in dangerous bid to live off light and air
  34. Powerlines disturb animal habitats by appearing as disturbing flashes of UV light
  35. Man Conceived At Des Plaines Oasis Stages One-Man Protest Of Closure
  36. Epic facepalm
  37. Man Loses 'Tools' As Hyena Mauls His Genitals
  38. I'm pretty sure that this is Darwin in action
  39. Rapper Andre Johnson severs penis, jumps off building, but survives
  40. I'll have the kung pao, noodles, and the bright red fire engine in the corner
  41. Llama drama strikes Trinidad
  42. Is THIS Nessie? Apple maps satellite image spots 'creature swimming' below surface of
  43. Guys Just Can't Do Sexy Voices
  44. Well, that's ... different ....
  45. Dumb of the day
  46. Man Accused of Stealing Bakery Truck, Making Scheduled Deliveries In Underwear
  47. Just in case you wanted an ocean-view hotel room in Madison, Wisconsin...
  48. Academic in Wales claims UK has ‘subculture’ of 15,000 vampires
  49. No one knows if this religious leader is dead or meditating
  50. Things on Facebook I don't dare like or respond to.....
  51. Bees swarm in seemingly unlikely place
  52. Don’t Harsh Our Mellow, Dude (Maureen Dowd fails weed)
  53. Just sittin' around Baltimore, shootin' the bull....
  54. Sneaker Pawn in Harlem
  55. AI Will Sit On Company’s Board Of Directors
  56. Errr..yeah. Shannon Gannon is in trouble in Cannon County
  57. Police: Couple who killed 2 Vegas officers, shopper had armor-piercing bullets, wore
  58. Screaming man with dead raccoon in Mukilteo
  59. Time alone? Many would rather hurt themselves
  60. Tyra Banks - Futurist!
  61. That Moment At The Zoo When You Hear, 'Ma'am, There Is A Lemur On Your Baby'
  62. Today's "unbelievably, not from The Onion"
  63. W. Seattle man sets house on fire trying to kill spider
  64. Manuel Noriega sues Activision for ruining his good name, reputation, and pretty face
  65. Couple marries in Omaha's largest cemetery
  66. U.S. social media asks: Who is that woman in black?
  67. Digger Crushes Man In Cold Water Challenge
  68. Giraffe's Head Hits Highway Overpass
  69. "9-1-1, what is your emergency?" "OMG facebook is down WTF!"
  70. Facebook: proving Darwin right at 4G speeds
  71. SQUIRREL!! No, really ... squirrel.
  72. Woman wearing stolen snake around her neck crashes Prius into Long Island firehouse
  73. Teacher arrested for showing up at school drunk and pantsless
  74. Two-headed dolphin washes up on beach in Turkey (Pic!)
  75. "Siri, I need to hide a body." "Well, there's the Fargo method...."
  76. Teenager Made Corsicana Walmart His Home
  77. Strangers move into man’s house, change locks and refuse to leave
  78. Warning over electrical brain stimulation
  79. The Last Russian Dash Cam Clip You Ever Need To See
  80. Founder of Maine elephant sanctuary accidentally crushed by elephant
  81. Apparently, she doesn't like woodwinds
  82. 24 yr old missing key part of her brain.
  83. Dr. Manny: 3 babies, 2 uteruses, 1 medical miracle
  84. Is This Mexican Bridal Shop Mannequin Actually A Preserved Corpse?
  85. The Online Legacy of a Suicide Cult and the Webmasters Who Stayed Behind
  86. Jasmine Tridevil: The woman with three breasts
  87. You have struck the paladin with your broadsword and inflicted Ψ hit-points of damage
  88. Which way to Bermuda? Coast Guard rescues disoriented man in hydro-bubble
  89. U.S. Forest Service asks that people please stop being incredibly stupid
  90. Was Roswell UFO Crash A Secret Nazi Aircraft?
  91. The Truth Behind This Photo Is Shocking, But It Used To Happen All The Time.
  92. Facepalm, but make sure you wipe off that depilatory before you melt your eyebrows
  93. It's official: life imitates art
  94. Swiss Company Turns Loved One's Ashes into a Diamond.
  95. Hungry Women TEAR UP McDONALD’S After They Were Late for Breakfast Menu
  96. Well, that certainly re-defines the phrase "I'm having a Brazilian."
  97. Fashion model killed herself after joining cult
  98. Probably the saddest mugshot you've ever seen
  99. Obama has pardoned two today.
  100. Gassing the furries
  101. Today's actual headline: "Ex-TV pitchman accused in owl attack disrupts court"
  102. More homes eaten by raging Pacific Ocean at Washaway Beach
  103. Facebook Friend Request Spat Leads to Arrest
  104. How Kim Dotcom Saved Christmas From The Lizard Squad
  105. Hmmm... Time for a new motto for Morton's
  106. There Will Be No Live-Possum Drop in Brasstown, N.C., This New Year’s Eve
  107. Fourth graders at NY school plotted to kill teacher with hand sanitizer, report says
  108. Rise of the zombie cat: Pet who was 'killed' and buried returns from grave
  109. Note to car-jackers: make sure you can drive a stick-shift
  110. Today's "headline you probably never expected," with bonus creepy police picture
  111. Hermit haircut: Kim Jong Un shows off barbarous hairstyle, eyebrows
  112. A new way to go to church.
  113. 'Rapist' Baboons Target Women, Wreak Havoc On Farms
  114. Indian bride walks out of wedding when groom fails math test
  115. 600 Indian students expelled for cheating on school exams
  116. Unfortunate name of the day
  117. LOL! The most interesting HOV-lane violation in the world
  118. Science explains why hipsters grow beards
  119. Now THAT is someone determined to die
  120. Disturbed kook lands gyrocopter on Capitol lawn
  121. Pokeman is so last century
  122. Buffalo on New York Thruway, apparently headed toward Buffalo
  123. Well, this certainly isn't your usual case of police brutality
  124. Disturbing.
  125. Aaannnnnnndddd .... this is why I don't eat sushi
  126. Popular adult hook up site hacked - bedroom info compromised
  127. English resort sees crime fall after mankini clampdown
  128. ]28 busts for sex offender accused of grinding on subway passenger, but mom says....
  129. Fence post & groin have close call after hot tub fall.
  130. #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge – thousands duped into showing boobs online
  131. The strange journey of Napoleon's penis
  132. Fashion victim: rhabdomyolysis and bilateral peroneal..........skinny jeans
  133. Man dies after sex with scarecrow
  134. Darwin Award Nominees - July 2015 edition
  135. The new prostitution?
  136. Tree humping. Almost literally.
  137. Lamp post destroyed by urine falls in street, just misses driver
  139. Petition wants Obama to drink his urine during 'Running Wild' appearance
  140. Loaded gun pulled from woman’s body cavity during drug bust
  141. Usually it's the airlines that piss on you
  142. Boy, 13, faces assault charges for kissing girl, 14, on dare
  143. Find Out What Unicorn Tears Taste Like With This New Liqueur
  144. PETA suit claims monkey holds copyright to famous selfie
  145. By 2050, human-on-robot sex will be more common than human-on-human sex
  146. Colorado Man, 34, Delivers Best Line Ever Uttered By A Drug Suspect
  147. How ro dye ear love and shell hair
  148. Allergic to ALL food: Utah teenager fears eating could kill him
  149. Subway manager, 42, 'slathered lotion on sleeping female passenger's private parts an
  150. Adventures in Stupidity
  151. ♬ He's the hairy-handed gent who ran amuck in Kent ♫
  152. Man shoots at burglars stealing neighbor's Christmas gifts
  153. Wow. It never occurred to me to actually MAKE AND SELL tinfoil hats....
  154. Man dies in Germany after blowing up condom machine
  155. El Chapo Speaks by Sean Penn
  156. Wow. There ACTUALLY *IS* a Flat Earth Society. And it's not a metaphor.
  157. There's an app for that??
  158. 20-Year-Old Woman Claims She Is A Cat Born In The Wrong Body
  159. Man Throws Live Gator Into Drive-Thru Window (3 1/2 foot gator)
  160. We’ve been eating Toblerone ALL wrong
  161. Crook’s arm ripped off after failed robbery attempt
  162. Man tries to sell baby for big macs.
  163. Mummified sailor found on abandoned yacht
  164. Man is reported to police in Sweden for 'revenge fart' after woman denied him sex
  165. Motel Owner Wants to Be Seen as ‘Sex Researcher’ After Secretly Watching Guests
  166. A hotel in New Zealand has banned people wearing revealing lycra shorts
  167. Loch Ness Monster Found: Robot Locates Remains
  168. Priorities!
  169. New Era Detroit community activist group releases 'Street Code'
  170. Welcome to the former interior of MUM - it no longer exists - and tour part of it!
  171. Miley Cyrus gets new tattoo; scott hardest hit
  172. Old nudists struggling to recruit nakedness-averse millennials
  173. Suddenly, Law & Order: SVU just got a lot funnier.
  174. Python bites Thai man's penis in terrifying toilet encounter
  175. Patrons of Vegan Cafe Are Pelted With Meat in Tbilisi, Georgia
  176. Intelligent robot that 'remembers and learns' could be scrapped after escaping a lab
  177. ♫ Just'a good ol' boys/Never meanin' no harm. ♫
  178. If a cat librarian isn’t safe from the government, then who is?
  179. Wonder what your plants are ‘saying’? Device lets you listen in
  180. Fido forever? South Korea's dog cloning clinic
  181. Man shoots off own penis while taking selfie
  182. RFK Jr says his cousin Michael Skakel was framed for the murder of Martha Moxley
  183. Inelegant Design
  184. 80z out causing heartburn for Ginger
  185. 'I just want to be treated like everyone else' - meet the Blackburn vampire...
  186. Police: Ohio Man, 35, Tried To Have Sex With A Red Van
  187. More reports of clowns in woods in South Carolina
  188. After only 24 years of living in a treehouse, FL grandmother told to come down.
  189. Exclusive: Yoga teacher reacts to bar mitzvah bombshell verdict
  190. Artist turns dead cat into beautiful thousand dollar handbag
  191. Life immitates art. This has "SVU plotline" written all over it.
  192. Dancers sue to overturn Louisiana strip club age requirements
  193. Denzel Washington strangles Aretha Franklin
  194. Apparently, Hallmark doesn't make a card for that.
  195. 'Clown Lives Matter' march planned for Oct. 15 in Tucson
  196. Your Stories of the Unexplained
  197. Pagan priest gets OK to wear goat horns in driver’s license photo
  198. God told me to pull the Leopards tongue out
  199. Man kills Grizzly with hands and TEETH
  200. Please stop sticking these things in those places
  201. Watch: Hairdresser sets fire to straighten hair
  202. 13 pounds of horse genitals concealed in woman's luggage; claimed it was for medicina
  203. Man sets underwear on fire while passed out in Spanaway Walmart bathroom
  204. O My
  205. Neo-Nazi converts to Islam, kills fellow Neo-Nazis. Plus bombs. And hostages.
  206. Did UFOs cause Marilyn Monroe's death? Documentary claims proof
  207. Rise in Bay Area Wild Mushroom Poisonings May Be Linked to Wet Winter
  208. Man trapped in ATM slips note.
  209. So, my youngest son...
  210. Want to own a ‘Forbidden’ sci-fi icon? Robby the Robot is going up for auction
  211. Flat-Earther Delays Launch In His Homemade Rocket, Saying 'It's Not Easy'
  212. Friends of 60 years finally find out they are biological brothers
  213. The Fairy Investigation Society
  214. Doctors Find Ketchup Packet Stuck In Woman’s Intestine For 6 Years
  215. After 60-year friendship, these 2 men find out they're biological brothers
  216. Unprompted, creepy laughter from Alexa is freaking out Echo users
  217. Woman claims injury caused by drag queen’s breast, sues Hamburger Mary’s for $1.5 M
  218. Woman dies after ‘acupuncture’ session that used live bees instead of needles
  219. No laughing matter: When exactly did clowns become scary?
  220. Art Bell passes
  221. Tumbleweed takeover: High winds leave neighborhood overrun
  222. Michigan couple welcomes 14th son to the family
  223. Accused stalker sent 65,000 texts to man, said she wanted to bathe in his blood
  224. Parents win suit to kick 30-year-old deadbeat son out of their house
  225. De Beers admits defeat over man-made diamonds
  226. This cop is a beaner. No, really.
  227. Doctor of Feminist Studies Gropes 10k Dogs to Study 'Rape Culture' at Dog Parks
  228. Woman Gets Head Stuck In Exhaust Pipe
  229. Viral Video: Woman Drinks Dogs Urine, Claims It Helps Her Acne
  230. Shark drags woman into crocodile-infested waters in Australia
  231. More Nurse Shark Hilarity!
  232. Darwin wins
  233. A homeless South Beach artist has no arms. But he stabbed a tourist, police say
  234. Rather an odd burgle
  235. Police: Man tried to steal plane for concert
  236. Florida man hit by car during failed 'In My Feelings' challenge (Kiki Challenge)
  237. Never before seen Amazon tribe caught on drone video
  238. Couple Trying To Conceive For 4 Years Were Mistakenly Having Anal Sex
  239. Doctors have to INVENT new tool to remove 23 inch sex toy from man
  240. Kuwait fish market shut down for putting googly eyes on less-than-fresh fish: report
  241. Woman Mistakes Dynamite Stick For Candle In Power Outage, Suffers ‘Extreme’ Injuries
  242. Michigan man discovers glowing, florescent rocks called "Yooperlites"
  243. This Is How It Starts: FBI Suspiciously Locks Down, Evacuates Solar Observatory
  244. Child pornography reason behind Sunspot Observatory closure, according to court ....
  245. Woman removed from plane after boarding with 'emotional support' squirrel
  246. Child 'vampire burial' found in Italy baby cemetery unearths 'eerie' discovery
  247. Election Day 2018: Police say Florida man threatens to blow up elections office
  248. Saving the earth
  249. Driver who crashed while blindfolded was participating in ‘Bird Box Challenge’
  250. No hard time for soft drink excuse