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Thread: Darwin wins

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    Darwin wins

    A daredevil who posted Instagram photos of himself scaling risky heights died after falling from a West Village building, according to police.

    The body of Jackson Coe, 25, was discovered in the backyard of the six-story building at 160 Waverly Place near Grove Street around 7:50 a.m. Thursday — bearing injuries consistent with a fall, cops said.

    Coe had been drinking with a friend beforehand, law enforcement sources told The Post.

    “There was a beer can next to him,” one building neighbor told The Post on Thursday, adding that they had called an ambulance. “We just thought he was drunk.”

    One photo Coe posted to Instagram in April shows him dangling his legs off the side of a very tall building in Manhattan while wearing bright-red Nikes.

    “What the hell are you doing,” his mom commented on the pic.

    “hahaha just on a roof,” he replied.
    Probably could have seen that one coming.
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    There are more than a few videos of these deaths around.

    I can't watch them.
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