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Thread: VA owes veterans housing allowances under the GI Bill, forcing some into debt

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    VA owes veterans housing allowances under the GI Bill, forcing some into debt

    VA owes veterans housing allowances under the GI Bill, forcing some into debt

    If Jane Wiley and her husband Ryan Wiley, both discharged from the Marines, don’t receive the housing allowance they get through the GI Bill by November 1, she expects that they will run out of money for food and rent. The two former Marines would also have to stop attending school if they can't afford childcare for their two kids.

    The Wiley family is not alone. Because of a software issue, the Department of Veteran Affairs is struggling to pay student veterans the housing allowance and other benefits provided to them via the GI Bill.

    The federal agency has paid some veterans too much, too little, or nothing at all. It is up to two months late on payments in some cases, forcing potentially thousands of former service members to spiral financially.


    The VA said the problem currently stems from an IT problem caused by changes to the law when President Donald Trump signed the Forever GI Act last year. New standards for calculating housing stipends were to be implemented on August 1, but it caused “severe critical errors” during testing that “resulted in incorrect payments,” VA spokesman Terrence Hayes said.
    The bucks stop here.

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    I wonder who the software company is. In Pennsylvania we've had a lot of difficulty with a statewide software and yet that bureaucracy is so burdened that there doesn't seem to be a very easy way to turn the ship.
    I can only imagine that the federal wheels turn even more slowly.
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    Fed g7ubmi9nt. Anyone expect differently? Except those who get social security, of course.

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    Must be some seriously bad coding going on. This seems like something that could easily be addressed simply with something like Microsoft Access on a network scale, and a minor change in the amount paid (a 1% increase in this case) should be something that can be addressed with changing a single cell value.

    I suspect that we have something akin to what happened with here: a bunch of government "software engineers" built something so incredibly inflexible that it cannot deal with even the slightest change without re-writing the whole system.
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