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Thread: If You Throw Away Your Butter Wrappers, You’re Wasting Your Money

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    If You Throw Away Your Butter Wrappers, You’re Wasting Your Money

    Frugality amok......


    Butter is the backbone of nearly everyone’s diet—like it or not. After all, it’s a great addition to every dish, from breakfast toast to gourmet desserts. And if you’re anything like us, you go through at least three to four sticks every single week. Leaving those used butter wrappers sitting in your trash can, however, isn’t doing your wallet any favors.

    Why? Those scrapped pieces of paper still have a tiny—yet usable!—amount of leftover butter on them, as it turns out. Although it may not seem like much at first, using every last drop of butter can add up and save you tons of money down the road.
    So instead of tossing them out, place those extra wrappers in a plastic bag and store them in the freezer. They could come in handy for various small cooking jobs later on, such as greasing cake or bread pans. Smearing a butter wrapper along the bottom of a skillet can provide enough grease for light pan-frying or sautéing, too. What’s more, you can prevent a wide array of frozen foods (from baked goods to burgers) from sticking together by separating them with your used butter wrappers.
    And here’s another tip: While these little hacks apply to all butter wrappers, they are especially effective for those peeled off of room-temperature sticks. In fact, experts say you don’t need to refrigerate butter at all.
    Sure, your kids and your spouse might think you’re crazy for storing away those used butter wrappers. But trust us: A little frugality can go a long way.

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    I'm very consciously frugal. Not out of financial want at this point but just by nature and even I wouldn't bother with this.

    The butters I buy are virtually frozen - there is no useful residue on the papers.

    I'm up for saving veggie scraps or bones for later conversion into broth or dog food (veggie, not cooked bones) but this is a bridge too far. I cook with all natural fats and no butter wrapper I have seen would grease a bread pan, let alone a skillet.
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    It feels like a waxy coating on those wrappers. Heating them would melt that as well.

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