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Thread: Used Color Mist For The First Time Today

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    Used Color Mist For The First Time Today

    I've seen this Color Mist stuff around so I decided to try it on some cookies.

    I made sugar cookies in leaf shapes and then did the usual piping/royal icing thing. I did a few of them with decorator's sugar but left the rest. They looked pretty nice at that point. I waited about a half an hour to let them set up a bit then I piped the leaf veins and hit them with the Color Mist. I used green, yellow, and orange (they were out of red).

    They turned out really nice! More realistic (at least in terms of cookie realism). I thought the spray might make a big mess but none of it escaped the paper towels I had laid down.

    If you've been hesitating to play with this stuff - go ahead!
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    We sprayed popcorn a few weeks back for a unicorn theme baby shower. I had never heard of it before then. It's really cool.
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