Virgin Galactic set to send its SpaceShipTwo tourism rocket to the edge of space

Virgin Galactic is set to send its tourism rocket to the edge of space during a major test flight on Thursday.

“Our SpaceShipTwo, VSS Unity, is entering the next stage of testing,” explains Virgin Galactic, on its website. “During this phase of the flight program, we will be expanding the envelope for altitude, air speed, loads, and thermal heating. We also plan to burn the rocket motor for durations which will see our pilots and spaceship reach space for the first time.”

If successful, the test will be a major step toward the long-delayed dream of commercial space tourism.

Two pilots will take Virgin Space Ship Unity high above California's Mojave Desert Thursday. CEO George Whitesides said Wednesday they will try to exceed an altitude of 50 miles, which Virgin Galactic considers the boundary of space. Whiteside said that's the standard used by the U.S. Air Force and other U.S. agencies.
I'm seeing a new trend in news coverage of Virgin Galactic. The word "tourism" keeps popping up.

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That's an accurate and fair description, but I don't remember it being so prominently mentioned before.