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Thread: Warren Rule: Minimum Wage Earner Should Be Able to Afford Spouse, Child and Mortgage

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    Quote Originally Posted by 80zephyr View Post
    Seems to be the human condition to complicate things. When I was a little boy, people from our tavern would get together and go to a park and play baseball. And usually there would be a keg of beer on the pitchers mound. Somehow, that led to leagues, uniforms, rules, etc...

    The fun became less fun.

    This seems to be some ugly, universal human impulse. Four friends decide to read the same book and talk about it. Three weeks later they do and some like it, some don't, they eat nachos, and share kid pix or look at cat videos.

    Three years later there are 30 members (a President, a coordinating secretary, and a social media manager), nobody eats nachos because they aren't vegan or somebody has a corn chip intolerance, you can't not like the book (you just need to be way more educated), and what was fun is now a big slog with what amounts to a public presentation judged by the 'cool kids' and you can't drop it because three BFs are there.

    You will never again get the nachos.
    "Alexa, slaughter the fatted calf."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gingersnap View Post
    You will never again get the nachos.
    Unless the person drops out and gets ALL of them, just for themselves including the cheese dip! Just read the book. Post on facebook.

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