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Thread: Florida Governor Says Russian Hackers Breached 2 Counties In 2016

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    Florida Governor Says Russian Hackers Breached 2 Counties In 2016

    Florida Governor Says Russian Hackers Breached 2 Counties In 2016

    Russian hackers breached the systems of two county elections systems in Florida in 2016, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday at a news conference. DeSantis said no data were tampered with and vote tallies were not affected.

    The intrusions, which had not ever been publicly confirmed, were first disclosed in special counsel Robert Mueller's report about Russian interference in the 2016 election last month.

    "I recently met with the FBI concerning the election issue mentioned in the Mueller report," DeSantis said. "Two Florida counties experienced intrusion into the supervisor of election networks. There was no manipulation."

    DeSantis said he could not disclose which counties' networks were compromised, but he said the voter data that the attackers gained access to was already public.

    "Nothing that affected the vote count," DeSantis said.


    Last year, former Florida Sen. Bill Nelson warned that Russia had "penetrated" Florida's voter registration systems, but election officials denied that vehemently at the time.

    Then-Gov. Rick Scott, who defeated Nelson in the Senate race, decried Nelson's claims and said they "only serve to erode public trust in our elections at a critical time."
    The reason Trump succeeded isnít that complicated after all. He didnít win the nomination by tapping into some nascent political movement. He won by doing a fairly good impression of a right-wing media celebrity. Every issue, every conspiracy, every applause line has been ripped from their websites, radio shows, and television programs. Itís why he became Americaís most prominent birther. Itís why he floated rumors that Ted Cruzís dad killed JFK, and that Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster. Itís why he talks the way he does about Mexicans and Muslims and women and African Americans. Itís why heís been able to get away with knowing little to nothing about policy or government or world affairs ó because Trump, like any good talking head, only speaks in chyrons and clauses and some-people-are-sayings.

    Trumpís greatest trick has been to realize that right-wing media stars have a built-in audience that Republican politicians donít. To that audience, Jeb Bush talks like Washington talks. Ted Cruz talks like conservative ideologues talk. Marco Rubio talks like the last consultant he spoke with talks. But Trump talks like a true talk radio fan ó longtime listener, first-time caller. He comes off like the winner of a reality TV show in which one lucky Fox viewer gets picked to run for president of the United States.

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    So they hacked in and gained access to ... publicly-available data?

    That sounds a lot more like a Matthew Broderick stunt than it does some nefarious work of a government spy agency.
    Leftists have unquestionably demonstrated their hatred for due process, and Democrats have undeniably obstructed justice for, and thoroughly victim-shamed and smeared, Karen Monahan.

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