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Thread: Every student graduating from this Milwaukee school will be the first in their family accepted to college

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    An interesting tidbit on the cristo rey schools in terms of them being "gatekeeper" schools.
    Cristo Rey schools are private so they can choose their students, but they try to avoid cherry-picking the best students. There is one rule that all Cristo Rey schools must follow in their admissions: students' families must earn under 75% of the median income, locally or nationally. The national network tracks the average family income for schools to make sure they remain committed to the model. Schools handle recruiting and admissions differently, depending on the city and competition from other schools. But in general, admissions determined by interviews more than test scores. Schools are looking for students who are willing to work hard and who seem as though they'll be employable in the work-study jobs (with training). The average freshman is 2 years behind grade level.
    If an academically superior student can earn a scholarship to a traditional private school, many Cristo Rey schools say they will encourage them to go to that school. At the same time, they don't want to deny such a student the opportunity to benefit from Cristo Rey if that is the best program available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostbit View Post
    We started a scholarship program for kids in which PG lives for a gateway for "under privileged students" to afford a good costly Catholic high school education. We did this in my parents name because they made sure my three siblings and myself had the opportunity to go to one of the best high schools available at the time that just happen to be Catholic.

    This has been ongoing now for over 15 years and the students that received these grants have never disappointed.

    There is drive out there that just needs a little help to get along.

    Government had nothing to do with the outcome.
    I believe in free public education. I believe it can be high-quality. I went all the way through undergraduate in public education - sometimes excellent, sometimes not - and I know it can be done and have successful outcomes. It canot be done in the context of allowing children who refuse to behave and parents who refuse to make them disrupt learning for everyone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celeste Chalfonte View Post
    It canot
    Maybe you ought to check your public school spelling.

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