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"Lounge" in sort of a broader sense, but yes, the whole fun stuff area is intended to be free of politics.

And yes, I know that's not exactly politics per se, but the broader idea is to have a place where anyone can let his/her proverbial hair down without political differences coming into play. And also yes, I have been quite guilty of not enforcing this very much (all the way around, but certainly LM's launches against you for engaging in hunting has been a failure to enforce on my part), but I'm trying to rotate back into keeping this in a little better order as I'm finally getting settled in from my move and hopefully have some more time to focus on NEIP in the near future.
Fair enough. No worries on LM's yapping. For clarification the faucet was not Supremacy White. It was actually Granite White. Personally I would have called it Marble White since I have not seen white Granite.