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Thread: Rush is wrong?

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    Rush is wrong?

    And peals of thunder crackle across the firmament as his curtain of righteousness is torn. Maybe his percent of being right 99+% of the time will have to be lowered.

    I blame global warming.

    So I slept late, turned on Fox & Friends to find out what to think today, and saw a clip of Rush. Alarmed, I looked up the transcript, to see if there was a larger exculpatory context, anything to redeem my king of Hate Radio. He's talking about Biden and spins into a general comment about the Democrats' anti-Trump campaign:

    You know, Biden attacking Trump, mentioning Trump’s name 71 or 75 times, whatever? Is that all there is to the Democrat campaign, just anti-Trump? They’re making a huge mistake. ...
    The Democrat[ic] campaign? Does that mean Biden or the Dems in general? It would seem so:

    They’re making a huge mistake. I’ve called them out on this before, and I ought not say this too loud, and you all ought to not tell them I’m saying this. But they are under a severe misperception, misconception. They are just grossly wrong if they think — and I’m sure they do. This is the thing. Their psychology is so warped.
    Rush is surely right that the Democrats are wrong if they think. I try not to think about it. Rush then turns to focus on the news media, during which he uses the word "think" about as often as Biden mentions Trump:

    It’s a thing with the media too. They think that everybody thinks like they do. They’re outraged by Trump; they think all of America is. They think everybody that voted for Trump is embarrassed. They tell themselves this. It’s psychological, folks. It’s not just a calculation. They do get caught up in all this. They are so self-absorbed that they make the mistake of assuming that they represent the vast majority of popular thinking, of popular thought, popular morality.

    And they’re assuming that everybody who voted for Trump or the vast majority of them are now embarrassed by it and repulsed by Trump. So it seems like the Democrat presidential campaign is totally, totally anti-Trump. It’s not about anything else. Meaning: It’s not about issues. They’ll throw an occasional climate change reference in there, but it’s clear that they really believe their ticket back is to just do nothing but rip and talk about and criticize Donald Trump — which, I’ll tell you.

    By the time 2020 comes around, it’s gonna get old because that is all they’ve done, and it just bounces off. The Mueller report was nothing. All the Trump-Russia collusion was nothing. It’s kind of interesting to see. Because we’re dealing with people, I think, who have now descended into serious psychological disorder territory, collectively, as a movement — including the media and as a party.
    The underscored section above was included in the excerpt I saw on TV, I'm pretty sure, and I came away with the impression Rush was saying the Democratic candidates were all about Trump Bad. Well, they do get on the Trump Bad train and try to outshout each other. Often as not they sound pretty funny. Trump is "literally an existential threat to our country"? If Joe Biden were more animated than a tired city alderman after a big meal such a statement might provoke some thought.

    But most of them seem to believe that their success in 2018 came as a result of focusing on the issues, health care specifically. Personally I think the huge number of retiring GOP incumbents played a big part, and I bet the hard-working "vote harvesters" feel like chopped liver about now. In any event, this crop of contenders is all about issues, each more breathtaking and free than the last.

    "Free" doesn't mean the same thing to these Democrats as it does on the Statue of Liberty, which helps explain their cockamamie immigration policies.

    Except Biden. The current Democratic iteration of every issue is a thorn in Biden's side, necessitating a painful reversal of decades spent in the legislative branch of government, pulling out such thorns out as support for the Hyde Amendment.

    Joe's focus on Trump is an avoidance technique.

    So what is Rush raving about? He's a bit sloppy for parsing, but mostly his "they" refers to the news media, for whom Trump Bad is an avoidance technique to get away from boring issue stuff.

    To any extent Rush is saying the Dems' campaigns are all Trump Bad all the time, he's off.

    But there is a litmus test to supporting the Democrats. You can quibble about reparations, or student debt reduction plans, or free income schemes, or health care as a right, etc. But you must believe in your heart and soul, that Trump is Bad, Bad is Trump.

    You can't get into the tent with them without that password.
    "We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them." —CNN's Don Lemon, showing how to stop demonizing people.

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    "They think that everybody thinks like they do. They’re outraged by Trump; they think all of America is. They think everybody that voted for Trump is embarrassed."

    ~ Rush

    “They think Mississippi is a hellhole. They think Alabama is a hellhole. They think flyover country is for bitter clinger redneck reprobates. They talk this way all the time."

    ~ Also Rush

    He needs to pick a narrative.
    "[N]o one gives a shit about science and reality. I regularly get people telling me on the Twitter machine that liberals support murdering newborns. That's where the conversation on abortion is right now for too fucking many Americans. In other words, there is no conversation. When people wholeheartedly believe something that is completely, patently, blatantly untrue, your puny facts aren't going to put a dent in that level of delusional stupidity."

    ~ RP

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    Except………… "all America" is only the big costal cities. Dems don't know Nebraska exists.

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