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Both companies suffered greatly due to overly rapid expansion plans. The quality of Subway's food took a massive nosedive from what it was back in the late 80's/early 90's. They also ran into issues with their franchisees, because they carved up territories smaller and smaller, squeezing longtime owners out of profit in the name of having a store every 500 feet.

Krispy Kreme didn't have a food quality issue, but their rapid over-expansion caused some serious financial problems. They went from having one or two stores in every major southern city to have dozens of stores in each state, including some really questionable locations that were more for the "oh wow" factor than profitability. The one in Excalibur in Las Vegas comes to mind, as does the location in Dubai. Because the thing Arabs love are too-sweet doughnuts!
**************shrug*********** if you say so. The Subway tuna fish tastes like the Subway tuna fish.