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Thread: Wolf attacks family in Canada

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    Wolf attacks family in Canada

    A family of four was on a camping trip in Canada. Then a wolf attacked while they were sleeping

    A New Jersey family was fast asleep in their tent on a camping trip when the unthinkable happened: They were attacked by a wolf.

    "It was like something out of a horror movie," mother Elisa Rispoli recounted on Facebook.
    The family was in Banff National Park in Alberta when the incident occurred about 1 a.m. Friday, according to a report by the federal agency Parks Canada. Elisa wrote that her husband, Matthew, threw himself in front of her and their two boys while the wolf tore through the tent and clamped onto Matthew's arms.

    It's unclear why the wolf was attracted to this family, Matheson said. Veterinary tests confirmed that the wolf was in "poor condition" and nearing the end of its life, which was probably a contributing factor in its behavior, Parks Canada said.

    The wolf was underweight for its age, a mere 78 pounds compared with the usual 100- to 150-pound range, Matheson said. Tests for rabies came back negative.
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    People should always have some kind of ready weapon when camping. If you dislike guns, think of something else that you are comfortable with in camp. While I wouldn't recommend bear spray inside a tent, most people can operate a tactical flash light and a loud alarm.

    These people were evidently car camping so a little extra weight is well worth bringing along something.

    A hiking staff, a corn knife, heck....a sturdy, long handled prong fork.

    Blinding light and loud noise will run off many four and two-footed animals while a bit of the old ultra stabby can discourage others. A gun is better, obviously, but do prepare somehow.
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