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Thread: Have you ever left a movie early because you didn't like it?

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    I know I have walked two or three out of movies but I cannot remember which ones they were. Although, I've also refused to stop watching terrible movies on TV because by that time I'm invested - and these are Tarzan the Ape Man and Howard the Duck 2 types of movies so apparently I'm not normal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celeste Chalfonte View Post
    The Godfather. Bonnie and Clyde. I would have walked out of Indiana Jones and 2001: A Space Snooze, but both were dates with otherwise nice people who had no taste in movies.
    It was a school trip for us but yes I agree...a snooze.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Servo View Post
    I'm curious, what about that movie made you want to leave? I remember the faux-found footage, all shaky and low-res like someone filming on a camcorder of the era, made it a bit nauseating to sit through.
    I'm not a fan of shaky cam. Far from making the scene more in-the-moment for me, it actually constantly reminds me that I am watching a contrived scene so that's one thing.

    The character development was just awful. I immediately hated all these people. None were sympathetic in the least. Far from worrying about their fates, I was actively rooting for them to all be killed - it just took way too long.

    There was not enough build-up about the location or about the various stick figures. These things could have been scary and atmospheric but as it was scripted and shot, I just wondered why nobody had a compass and Rand-McNally map. The entire area was maybe 2 square miles. The "supernatural" explanation for why they couldn't simply walk straight out was unconvincing.

    The stick figures were not terrifying. Anybody who spent a lot of time in the woods has seen some creepy but entirely human-generated stuff ranging from baby dolls to weird stick creations. Without any real build-up, these creations were annoying, not scary.

    The dialog just sucked. These people were all morons. They had nothing to say. They weren't funny or illuminating.

    I remember being completely mystified by the rave reviews. I sometime disagree with reviewers but I can at least see their perspectives even if I think they mistaken. In this case, it's like we watched two totally different movies.
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