So, yesterday was kind of chaotic and I told Mr. Snaps to forage.

He elected to make premade chicken wings in the air fryer. A fine choice.

There was the moving of the air fryer from the laundry room to the kitchen.
Despite our model being violently red and him buying it for me, he had never seen this object before.

I helpfully told him what temp and what time and included the information that a quick spritz of oil would make clean-up easier. This resulted in a baffling search of the pantry. Who knew cooking spray would be behind a literal sack of rye? Obviously, it was not.

I was questioned intensely about wing placement. I already covered that issue and provided tongs to assist. I also did the "math" on timing.

Many things happened. Not all expected. Wings were made successfully.

Ya know, I don't go out there and slap together frames for concrete or rewire the county or suddenly start discussing exactly what James Joyce "meant" by his use of color or lack of use of color. I just don't do that. If I did for some insane reason, I'd listen closely to the instructions and do that.

I can talk poison and explosives all day long. Does he know jack about delayed incendiary devices or fireworks? No, he doesn't. Because he won't listen!!!