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Thread: Ohio woman wearing fur is stabbed by animal-rights activist in church, police say

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanie View Post
    But I feel like fur is often different because it's sometimes being taken off of the animal when they're alive. I've seen fur ripped from a bunny before and thought it was cruel. It's important to me that whatever is being skinned, chopped up, or whatever be dead first.

    Disclaimer: I am not stabbing people in church.

    on edit: Frostbit, I was responding to you. System wouldn't let me quote.
    What??? What would be the purpose of that?

    ETA: I don't hunt, and I don't wear real fur (for reasons that have nothing to do with being anti-fur). But if you've seen somebody rip the fur from a live "bunny," you need to inform local law enforcement that they have a budding serial killer on their hands. Of course, if you've only seen some claim that it happened, or that infamous and thoroughly bogus animal rights propaganda video, then you're just gullible (and inaccurate).
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