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Thread: Instant (Pot) Love

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    Instant (Pot) Love

    OK, so we went to Thanksgiving dinner at the home of friends, and it was wonderful. They're Texicans, so we had the traditional turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes...with a twist. Raul had made the most amazingly good tomatillo salsa (great on turkey). Alex brought, among other goodies, roasted multicolored carrots in a delightful seasoning and his signature roasted garlic brussels sprouts.

    BUT, there are just a few traditional items that are native to our ancestral neck of the woods, that we would miss if we didn't get to have them for Thanksgiving, and we do like leftovers. So tonight, we're changing off and having just our family thing chez moi. Nova's bringing his world-class dressing. HRH and I are making the wet cornbread, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole...and, since we all had plenty of turkey, I made picadillo. Ordinarily, all that would take forever. Well, we have gotten bold, and this year, in the time it took for the cornbread to bake, we made everything else in the IP! OK, yeah, the casserole has to go in the oven to firm up and cook the eggs in it, but the sweet potatoes didn't have to bake, the cranberries didn't have to boil and simmer and be persuaded not to stick to the pot, and the picadillo was a breeze - love that sauté function (first time).

    I'll let you know how it all turns out, but so far, it's looking good!
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    Can't wait to hear how it came out. Yeah, i love the saute function. Popping things in the oven to broil or crisp is not too bad. I use aluminum foil so I still have easy cleanup.
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