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Thread: Iran state TV sees at least 2 news anchors quit: 'Forgive me for the 13 years I told you lies'

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    Iran state TV sees at least 2 news anchors quit: 'Forgive me for the 13 years I told you lies'

    Iran state TV sees at least 2 news anchors quit: 'Forgive me for the 13 years I told you lies'
    By Louis Casiano | Fox News

    At least two Iranian journalists at a state-owned media outlet reportedly resigned from their jobs, and another left a while back, apologizing for "the 13 years I told you lies" to her supporters as Tehran grapples with the fallout from protests stemming from a cover-up of its accidental downing of a Ukrainian airliner.

    Gelare Jabbari posted an apology on an Instagram that appears to have been deleted.

    “It was very hard for me to believe that our people have been killed," the post read, according to The Guardian. "Forgive me that I got to know this late. And forgive me for the 13 years I told you lies.”

    Two news anchors at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting thanked their supporters in separate statements.

    “Thank you for accepting me as anchor until today," said Zahra Khatami. "I will never get back to TV. Forgive me.”

    Fellow anchor Saba Rad said she was leaving journalism after 21 years.

    “Thank you for your support in all years of my career," she said. "I announce that after 21 years working in radio and tv, I cannot continue my work in the media. I cannot.”

    The resignations come as Iranians again took to the streets in anti-government protests Monday. Many are calling for the ouster of government leaders after the shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane that Iran initially denied responsibility for. Tehran later walked back its denial and admitted to downing the plane in a misfire during attacks on bases in Iraq where American troops are housed.

    The attacks followed the killing of Iranian Quds Gen. Qassem Soleimani in a U.S. airstrike. The resignations come as some Iranians have an unfavorable view of the media, which is tightly controlled by the regime.
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    13 years of lies? They could all have jobs on primetime Fox News tomorrow.
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    Are the resignees going to be eventually eliminated...…………..

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