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    Quote Originally Posted by phillygirl View Post
    I didn't realize that you had the same interest in WWII as you do in the Civil War. I am almost finished "reading" (audiobook) 'In Harms Way' about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis right before the bombing of Hiroshima. Amazing book. I think you would enjoy it. While I certainly had heard a little about the event, reading the survivors' accounts is really heart wrenching. It's a good book, but not for the faint of heart.
    Military history of all time periods is my area of interest, although there are periods where my knowledge is weak. The Civil War and WWII are my strongest. I will accept your book recommendation and put it on my list, and give you a recommendation in return - “The Last Stand of The Tin Can Sailors” by James Hornfischer. A pretty hefty read, but worth your time. I am just finishing it up and was going to put something on it in the History forum.

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    Okay. I just finished the other one, so I downloaded your recommendation. Will probably start it at some point over the weekend.
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