BREAKING: Black Male Hunts & Assassinates Elderly White Couple In Delaware Cemetery With Scoped Rifle
By Sasha O'Conner
-May 9, 2020

A married couple from Maryland ages 85 and 86 “visiting the grave of their son” were victims of a deadly shooting at a veterans cemetery in Delaware. The Suspect was described as a heavyset black male aged 29, dressed in all black with a black face mask, carrying a rifle with a scope. The suspect was later seen in a wooded area before engaging in a shootout with police officers. The suspect was found deceased with gunshot wounds.

We reached out to a source close to the the situation in Delaware. Our source expressed frustration with how the following information was being withheld from the public. Below is a direct account of the situation from a reliable source close to the incident.

“The shooter pulled up in a Honda, got out, was in all black and approached Mr and Mrs [redacted], shot Mrs [redacted] first, then Mr [redacted], then immediately ran to the woods.”

Our source continued by saying: “He’s 29. And no connection (to the victims) at all. He was wearing a black hoodie black pants, black mask, hood up, black gloves, black boots.”

“I know the guy had a lot of ammo. It seems as if he set himself up in the ditches with ammo because the police were saying that their drone could see him but they couldn’t get eyes on him. He had to have planned this for a while because most people don’t know those woods like that.”

“The police were saying “Hes trying to take our drone out!” And then my [redacted] had to hang up on me.”
It's been very difficult to find a lot of coverage on this murder compared to the hysterical coverage of the "jogger" in Georgia. I don't know of anybody who wears all black to legally or illegally hunt game animals so the guy couldn't have just mistaken his target. You wear black to fool human eyes, not animal eyes.

The "jogger" case involved a man who had prior run-ins with the law and was videoed entering a house under construction that had been burglarized several times before. The father of the duo had been part of an investigation twice last year of the "jogger" when the "jogger" had committed other crimes. The neighborhood is surrounded by water on three sides so it's unlikely the "jogger" just wandered in and most joggers don't carry hammers on runs. Or wear belts and saggy pants.

I have no idea if the "jogger" case is or isn't legitimate self-defense under Georgia law but glassing a couple of Elders in a Veteran cemetery before shooting them from cover seems like a straight-up hate crime that would get more coverage.

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