The German company WOLF-Garten makes a large number of very well made tools for gardening and cleaning that I have long admired. There was only one store within a 100 miles that seemed to carry them and it closed last year which made me sad.

Their 'system' at first appears kind of sketchy. The tools are all interchangeable with many different kinds and sizes of handles. They all sport the distinctive Wolf-garten color scheme of bright red and bright yellow. All of the components except large machines fit easily onto their storage systems or the smaller heads fit into their tote bag.

The impression is sort of like the Lego company mated with Corona Comfort and their children all went into engineering.

I only had one handle and 2 or 3 heads but they were my favorite tools. They hold up to hard use, clean easily, and you can instantly find them if you set them down somewhere. Since the heads are interchangeable, it was lot easier to carry them around when a task called for several tools.

Well, now I have many more heads, the fabulous tote, and two more handles of other sizes PLUS the storage system.

Mr. Snaps got them for my birthday today!

The perfect gift considering I can't go anywhere and it's garden time anyway.

Really, if you like to garden you should check them out. Any task is more pleasurable when you use really good quality tools.