As if somehow coordinating their reportage, or at least sharing a single headline writer, the media blares this same story this morning.

Except one, Issues and Insights, whose headline today,

Despite What You’ve Heard, The COVID Crisis Probably Peaked Two Weeks Ago

is a follow-up on a headline two days ago:

Florida Is A Case Study In Media-Induced COVID-19 Panic

The crux of the I&I case is that the "record deaths reported" is an aggregate number, combining current deaths and newly reported, old deaths. They include a chart that disaggregates the numbers, and which tells a hugely different story.

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The US News (and most other outlets) don't reveal the composition of the record setting numbers. The USA Today version in our local paper does, in the sixth paragraph on page A5: "Because of how the state reports the data, however, the daily numbers should not be taken to mean all those deaths and cases occurred in the previous 24 hours." But they don't go further and separate the numbers.