When Joyce was fighting cancer the first time around it coincided with the period of time we were actively hunting Africa. We never returned to the same place or hunted with the same outfit. It was about seeing new places, thus having new fresh experiences.

In the midst of that cancer fight Joyce got a communication from Thierry. We had never met him in person but did know folks who hunted with him and his reputation is exemplary. He wished her well in her battle and congratulated her on her attitude, which apparently a hunting client had told him about.

We did have the pleasure of meeting him in person a couple years later at a safari convention. He genuinely greeting Joyce like he was meeting a rockstar. I never forgot that. We likely will never hunt with him because we have no plans on returning to Africa in the near future, maybe never.

Enjoy this clip of Thierry and the beautiful scenery of the Save Conservancy in Zimbabwe.