of blue governors who will be asking demanding the red states bail them out.

Cuomo urges Biden to deliver on billions in aid at State of the State address
With Democrats soon to control the White House and Congress, Gov. Andrew Cuomo ratcheted up pressure Monday on President-elect Joe Biden to deliver billions in aid that would help New York state’s cash-strapped government dig out from the coronavirus-fueled recession after he takes office.

During his 11th annual State of the State address, which was heavy on rhetoric and light on specifics, Cuomo threw down the gauntlet for his fellow Democrats who will be running DC — even invoking the New York City fiscal crisis of the 1970s, when Washington and President Gerald Ford were accused of leaving a teetering Big Apple in the lurch.

“So you ask me today: What is our state of the state? New York is suffering,” Cuomo said during an unprecedentedly brief 45-minute virtual address without the usual audience of thousands of people in attendance because of COVID-19.

“We expect basic fairness from Washington finally. With our new president, a new Senate and the House members, I believe they will do justice.”
"Do justice." Alrighty then.

But Cuomo continued, “If Washington does tell New York to effectively drop dead again, I will be shocked, but New York will fight back. We will do what we did in the ’70s. We came together, we organized, we sacrificed and we averted financial ruin. But make no mistake, my friends, it would be very painful.”
Cuomo claimed Albany can’t dig out of a $15 billion budget hole by just hiking taxes on wealthy New Yorkers — picking a fight with the left-wing activists in his New York Democratic Party, who are pushing for an array of tax increases on the rich that they claim would generate $50 billion in revenue.

“To close our $15 billion budget gap on our own, it would require extraordinary and negative measures. Imagine this: If we raise taxes to the highest income tax rate in the nation on all income over $1 million — billionaires, multimillionaires, millionaires, any income over $1 million — we would raise only $1.5 billion,” the governor said Monday.

He said suspending scheduled income tax cuts on middle-income New Yorkers would generate another $500 million and freezing scheduled wage hikes to government workers spelled out in union contracts would save another $1 billion.

Spinning a worst-case scenario, he said slashing school spending would save $5.2 billion.

“Even after all that pain, we would still need billions in cuts to health care in the middle of a pandemic and we would need to borrow billions at the cost of future generations. It would be devastating to all New Yorkers,” Cuomo said.

“Our federal representatives must deliver fairness for New York and they must do it quickly because our budget is due April 1.”

Cuomo did say he would help generate revenues by legalizing both mobile sports betting and the recreational use of marijuana.

. . . .
Cuomo le fils has been a ruinous governor of the Lost Empire State.

From his righteous declarations of leading that NY is "the progressive capital of the nation," and that conservatives "have no place here," he's now a Beggar With an Attitude.

So now he proposes to "convert vacant commercial properties into locations for affordable housing to help alleviate the homelessness crisis," one of his "policy initiatives" in this State of the State address.

There's something about vacant commercial properties that makes paying for such initiatives difficult, but I'm sure a senile President and a Party of sages like Elizabeth Warren ("The way I see it, there's always, c'mon, there's always money. It's there.") will figure it all out.

Of course, the D.C. Democrats are very busy with ginning up hate for Republicans just now, so Cuomo's April 1st deadline might go unanswered. We'll see.

I can't wait for CA's Newsom and Pritzker of IL to submit their tabs. It will be quite a parade.