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Thread: Europe vows to work against fossil-fuel investments globally

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    Europe vows to work against fossil-fuel investments globally

    Europe vows to work against fossil-fuel investments globally

    The European Union plans to use its diplomatic and economic muscle to accelerate global energy transition away from fossil fuels, as the bloc aligns its foreign and security policy with its ambitious climate objectives.

    “EU energy diplomacy will discourage all further investments into fossil fuel-based energy infrastructure projects in third countries, unless they are fully consistent with an ambitious, clearly defined pathway towards climate neutrality,” foreign ministers are poised to say in a joint communique on Monday.

    “The EU will ensure that its trade policy and its trade agreements are consistent with its climate ambition,” ministers will declare, according to a draft of their statement obtained by Bloomberg.

    EU leaders committed last month to cut the bloc’s 2030 greenhouse emissions by 55 per cent compared to 1990 levels, and affirmed their pledge to turn Europe into the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Alarmed that the bloc’s ever stricter environmental regulations will simply force polluting activities to relocate elsewhere in the world, they are eager to eliminate “carbon leakage” by forcing the rest of the globe to fall in line with the Paris Agreement against climate change.
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    Denial of reality. Without a huge breakthrough in battery technology, alternative energy is going no where.

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    When the activist jet set fly to these conferences in solar powered aircraft I'll take them seriously.

    Otherwise this green stuff is, as I quote AOC's once-chief of staff in my signature, "a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing." The principal product will be a lower standard of living and more dependency.

    Energy independence, realized so briefly in the Trump administration, is a world-changing, empowering asset. Other countries would eat their heart out to have it, and they're certainly happy to help take ours away, in the name of saving the planet, dontcha know.

    Sadly we have a crew in charge here that wants to cooperate with them.
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    It's key to note that this is for NEW fossil fuel investments, not maintenance of the existing infrastructure that serves the EU right now - primarily oil and natural gas from Russia.

    That's some first order ladder pulling right there...
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