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Thread: Don't get your heart set on sunning yourself on Cuban beaches just yet

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    Don't get your heart set on sunning yourself on Cuban beaches just yet

    With today's big shift on U.S.-Cuban relations, I have already seen and heard lots of people with dreams of gloriously soaking up the sun at Cayo Largo del Sur.

    Not so fast.

    Many people don't realize that there has never actually been a restriction on travel to Cuba for U.S. citizens. Unlike, say, the specific travel restrictions that said that U.S. citizens were forbidden from travel to Libya that existed for 20-odd years, there's no actual law that says that you can't go to Cuba. It's completely legal for a U.S. citizen to board a plane in Cancun or Ottawa or London and fly to Cuba and then come back home, and always has been.

    What you can't do, without authorization from the State Department and the Treasury Department, is spend money in Cuba. So, it's totally legal for you to fly into Havana, but it's not legal for you to take a taxi from the airport, for example, and certainly you are not allowed to spend money on meals, hotels, or casinos.

    That restriction is all part of the Cuban embargo, which are all parts of the Cuba Assets Control Regulations of 1963, enacted law under Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917. The only way, at least legally, for that embargo to be lifted is if Congress acts to strike down those portions of the law. How quickly, if at all, that happens is anyone's guess. Given that there appears to be some bi-partisan opposition to Obama's actions today, it seems unlikely that the next Congress is going to be in any hurry to take this up and remove those restrictions.

    In short, don't count on hopping an American flight from Miami to Havana in the immediate future, and don't count on Royal Caribbean adding a Puerto de la Habana stop to their itineraries any time soon.

    While personally, I would probably be able to make a mint on being the "firstest with the mostest" taking well-heeled (and even not-so-well-heeled) tourists to Cuba, I still think this is a bad idea. One way or the other, I'm not setting up any spec charters any time in the near future. If and when the embargo is lifted, though, I'll definitely be on the phone to some air charter companies straight away.
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    I was going to go to Cuba with my SIL, she was making all the plans. "Stuff happens" so I had to cancel. If my SIL doesn't get to go she will be very disappointed.
    Oh well, maybe she'll take that trip to China instead, I'm going to Vegas next Monday. & I will for sure spend money.

    All these years I believed that Americans were forbidden to go to Cuba, that always bothered me because of the freedom to travel.
    I went to Moscow when it was still the USSR, but couldn't go to Cuba, or so I believed.
    Course if one couldn't spend money in Cuba....

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    Isn't the spend money bit changed? As in, ability to buy cigars now?

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