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My goodness, sounds terrible. I'm glad she is still making the most of things.

I can understand about the hospital bed. I think I would freak out a little if one of my nephews was in the hospital.

I think it's awesome that you are taking her on vacation.
Honestly, it's not something that she even gives a thought to. After the last surgery she was cleared to do anything at all, including competitive sports, so she did. They've kept a yearly check on things, but that is it, until she has severe pain, which has now happened. They believe her stress fractures in her back were related to the issue, but the doctor's advice was that she would always have some pain, and if she can stand the pain, go ahead and do what she wants. She has a pretty high tolerance, so it doesn't stop her, but right now she's on a "no running, jumping, and especially not gymnastics" order. It sucks, but things could be worse.