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Thread: Root causes

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott View Post

    But please let's make this about social models, skin color, TV, and the media that was totally in the tank for her.
    "The media" screwed itself by keeping Trump's name in the spotlight, no matter how negative they painted him.

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    Root cause: Rinse-and-repeat Priebus. Should have been fired and run out of DC on a rail in 2012.

    Trump won, which frankly surprises me because he's a moron, but I could have run a squirrel from my back yard and beaten Hillary. Hell, I could have run a bag of empty beer cans from the landfill and beaten Hillary, she's so incredibly flawed as a candidate.

    Had this been a race between an honest conservative and Hillary, it all would have been over by 8:30 Tuesday night. It wouldn't have even been a contest, and certainly not one that went until 3:00 in the morning with Hillary refusing to concede and the orange-faced buffoon declaring victory moments before dawn.
    Leftists have unquestionably demonstrated their hatred for due process, and Democrats have undeniably obstructed justice for, and thoroughly victim-shamed and smeared, Karen Monahan.

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