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Thread: Another Clinton-Trump divide: High-output America vs low-output America

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    Quote Originally Posted by gary m View Post
    You could probably take that same story and substitute the word "crime" for "output" and the story would be just as ridiculously valid.
    LOLOLOLOL...................... so true.
    Wait just a goldurned minute. Is the number of bodies murdered considered 'productivity"? Guess it is cause it affects the "productivity" of the law enforcement industry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Jingo View Post
    It doesn't matter. You don't need the consent of the governed in this nation. We are minority rule.
    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post

    This asinine whine has gone on far too long.

    Newsflash: just because Clinton managed to score a lot more votes in California does not mean that she won the election. It's long past time for you to pull up your big boy panties and deal with fucking reality. We have an electoral college for a reason, and tough shit if you don't like it. Go ahead and try to get a Constitutional Amendment passed if you want to change it. You can easily start this with the Texas legislature. Good luck getting 37 other states to sign away their sovereignty, though.

    And no, some majority of votes in California does not mean that the rest of the country doesn't consent to be governed. That's just a bald-faced fucking lie, and you damn well know it.

    Now shut the fuck up and grow the fuck up. The rest of the country is sick of your shit, as the election has undeniably proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    Plus the popular vote as it currently exists is not an indication of anything. If every single vote carried equal weight the patterns would be completely different. Bok just hates rural areas and the people in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Jingo View Post
    Oh, no. It will go on much longer.
    Yes Billy. More rage. As much as you got. Nothing like a good 'sploding head and you're like the other guy in Scanners right now.

    Keep it up. It is going to be a good eight years. You'll be on BP meds by the inauguration.

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