I've seen a lot op-eds in a wide variety of places that seem to be terrified that people are somehow being driven to the "fringe" of ultra-right thought by Trump, by globalism, by well, anything, really.

Supposedly, law-abiding, tax-paying, people are being incited to become Kluxxers or something similar due to recent political events. Presumably, these people would have muddled along being inoffensive had Clinton won but now they are increasingly becoming "ists" of various types.

Are your neighbors, employers, professors, clergy, friends, relations, retailers, or government officials suddenly becoming Nazis due to recent political events?

Simply voicing a divergent view will not qualify here. Are they denigrating you? Shunning you? It needs to have some actual impact in your life.

Are your Trump-voting (or sympathizing) friends, neighbors, employers, relatives "punishing" you?

If so, how? Merely disagreeing with your worldview/political sense is not enough.