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Thread: Beer Joke

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Marva View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Celeste Chalfonte View Post
    "Forum: Fun Stuff
    For fun discussions only. Check your politics at the door."
    I've waffled (no pun intended) and agonized over this one a good bit.

    We're in a distinct area of charcoal here. Yes, there is a specific rule about no politics in the lounge, and I intend to enforce that. OTOH, we had a standing rule at NU (not always followed, unfortunately): "don't kill teh funny." I believe that this was meant to be funny, even if it might have missed the mark a little bit. I'm minded of this because of recent meatspace events with a couple of colleagues, one of whom is Hispanic. We were working together on a project and wanted lunch. Judy and I decided that the quickest, easiest lunch to get for working through was Taco Bell, which is just five minutes away. So Judy asked Hector, who is originally from Honduras, if he would go and pick up Taco Bell for us.

    I couldn't help but be reminded of the Jeff Dunham act, which has interwoven in it the line "you racist bastard:"

    The whole point of the joke is that everyone calls everyone a racist at the drop of a sombrero, and it's utterly ridiculous, So Judy, Hector, and I all had a great laugh at it when I immediately turned to Judy and said "you racist bastard, telling the Hispanic guy to go to Taco Bell!" Judy knows that I don't think that she's a racist, and Hector knows that neither one of us are racists, and the only reason that we even asked him to go was that his car was the one that was closest to the street and wouldn't involve the rest of us shuffling our cars around to get one out of the driveway. So it was funny and we all had a good laugh over it.

    And that's how I see this necromantic reply: a joke about how absurd the claim of "racism" has become.

    That having been said, this is dancing dangerously close to the cliff when it comes to keeping politics out of the lounge area, and I would prefer that we try to steer clear of that as much as possible. So I would ask that we all please try to temper this stuff when it comes to the lounge and think twice before posting.


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    Jeez, I made that post so long ago I don't even remember doing it. Pancake syrup was the first thing I could think of that was thicker than Guinness Extra Stout.
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