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Thread: FBI launches new Clinton Foundation investigation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norm dePlume View Post
    If Billy believes Newman didn't get the joke, and Newman believes he did, Billy might ask Newman to explain the joke as he understood it (which is what Billy did), which is a way of showing that Newman actually did get the joke (which Newman clearly did not). And then 80z could come along and completely misunderstand what was going on and ask why the image was posted if the image was "so obtuse" as if anything prior had somehow designated the image "so obtuse" (a question which is... well, it's obtuse). Enjoy your prize.
    I didn't get Billys "joke" either. But he is so weird, that's not surprising.

    Race Card: A tool of the intellectually weak and lazy when they cannot counter a logical argument or factual data.

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    My point was clear. BJ's "joke" was clear. So are the scare quotes in this post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newman View Post
    My point was clear. BJ's "joke" was clear. So are the scare quotes in this post.
    It's okay if you missed it. It really isn't that funny.
    "That Fox News panelĖĖthe breathtaking dishonesty of it is beyond my ability to articulate. That is no longer a news organization. That is what American state media looks like. That is what White House-controlled in-the-service-of-the-president misinformation looks like. That is indistinct from propaganda in authoritarian countries. It is aimed directly at weakening essential institutions and misinforming the American people. It is appalling.Ē

    ~ Steve Schmidt

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    Mark was funnier.

    ďThe thing to fear from the Trump presidency is not the bold overthrow of the Constitution, but the stealthy paralysis of governance; not the open defiance of law, but an accumulating subversion of norms; not the deployment of state power to intimidate dissidents, but the incitement of private violence to radicalize supporters."
    -David Frum

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